Natalia Robert

I'm a design geek with a bad case of wanderlust and a desire to share what I see with the world.

Photography was my first love, and has been a constant in my life since my high school days. Initially as a form of recording my travels and creating keepsakes with which to remember family in Argentina, photography found its way into all my studies. There were countless nights in the darkroom while I completed my Architecture degree, teaching me about patience and persistence needed for quality work.

Today, I create tools and systems to provide quality images daily, and then share my resources with others through digital products and travel workshops. 

  • Full Circle Images photo sessions are personalized to your needs, and turn a potentially nerve-racking situation into a fun, smooth, and easy process.
  • Presets Paradise was created as a hub of tools and resources that help you to save precious time and build consistency.
  • Dusty Lens Expeditions are hand-crafted road trips loaded with on-the-go photo lessons. We hop in a car for a full itinerary of off-the-beaten-path destinations, get you out of Auto Mode, and make new friends along the way!

Every facet of Full Circle Images is about focusing on the important things in life - creating meaningful experiences with those we love and exploring this amazing planet of ours.

So join me on my journeys because, honestly, the world needs more explorers.

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